Help the Arts

Help bring back the arts to Harvey-affected schools

While school districts work to help schools recover from Hurricane Harvey, immediate needs still exist. Use these requests to contact teachers directly and let them know how you can help.

1. View the Help Requests and find a school program that needs your help.

2. View the details of the help request by clicking on the school name and determine how you can help.

3. Contact the teacher using the information provided and offer your help.

We want students in these affected programs to experience the joy of participating in the fine arts, and we don't want them to have to wait. Teachers have posted their immediate program and student needs. Even if you don't have the specific items requested, perhaps there is another way you can help them recover.

For Teachers and Administrators Needing Assistance
Create a Help Request

Click on Sign Up to create an account, then click on Create a Help Request to list your needs.

Once a need on your list is fulfilled, Log In to your Account page, select the listing, update the request, or turn the entire listing off.

This site is for schools affected by Hurricane Harvey. Teachers and administrators representing campuses and districts located in the FEMA designated impact zone who need immediate assistance in obtaining temporary or permanent replacement of instruments, equipment, instructional supplies or accessories, or who seek moral support for their program(s) and/or students, may use this site to list those needs.

Using a school district email account, teachers and administrators may create an account, provide basic information about their program, and complete a list of immediate needs for school-owned items and student needs, and/or request moral support through an adopt-a-program format.

The registry will be available to citizens, organizations, and industry partners who will be able to view your needs lists and respond directly to you to address fulfilling your needs.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Program for Fine Arts in Texas Schools is hosted on GoArts.Org by: TMEA, TAEA, TETA, TDEA, TBA, TODA, TCDA, TMAC, and ATSSB